Camping Weekend, 2nd-4th September 2016




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Our very own Triumph weekend held in Lincolnshire, organised by the Lincolnshire Area of the Triumph Sports Six Club (in association with the Lincolnshire Area of the Triumph 2000,2500,2.5 Register).

Join us for the weekend, the Saturday convoy run or our Sunday 'Peoples Choice' award presentations and car line-up.

To be held at Tattershall Lakes Holiday Park.

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Draft Itinerary


Arrival from 11am to set-up.

Receive the weekend's "Phil's Fiendish Quiz" challenge

Beer and banter in the Propeller Bar from 7pm


Saturday Convoy Run

Convoy run to a local attraction (non-campers will be met at the main gate at 10.30ish)

Cake and Refreshments will be available at the local attraction.  The convoy will then leave for the coast.

Beach Fun at the coast and then a run back to the site.  Cafe and toilets available.

Saturday Night

7pm - Entertainment in the Propeller Bar


Sunday Morning

Informal People Choice "Concours" and prize giving ("The Lancaster Trophy")

Judging of the annual Phil's Fiendish weekend quiz.

Run to a local pub for "Farewell Lunch" (TBC)

Leave site by 5pm



As this is a Holiday Park, the costs are higher than the previous Lincolnshire Triumphs weekends, but the facilities are far superior with many activities included in the price.  The site has a restaurant and bar, evening entertainment, activities during the day (inc. swimming pool) etc.  This is a superb site.

UPDATE!  We had pre-booked a number of pitches together in the centre of the site, with great access to the main complex and all activities and negotiated discounts.  Unfortunately, we have paid for those pre-booked, and further pitches will need to be booked directly with the site (details above).


Indicative direct pricing:

 Grass Pitch (Any Tent/Caravan) - £20 per night.

Other accommodation is available (subject to availability):-


4 berth Bell Tent - £145

4 - 8 berth lodges - £225 to £470

6 - 9 berth caravans - £140 to £320


Site Activities

Target Archery

 This is a great chance for those who have always wanted to have a go at the archery but never had the chance. It’s also a chance to show off your skills! How close to the bullseye can you get? Learn a fascinating and timeless art

Target Crossbow

 The crossbow is one of the most ancient shooting weapons. It’s easy for complete novices to get started, so get ready to pick up your full size crossbow, take aim down the site at our competition size targets, and prepare to fire.

 Axe Throwing

 Learn the ancient skill of throwing axes (Tomahawk). This old school sport develops precision skills as you launch the axe in an attempt to hit the target from afar. Test your power and strength to see how accurate you are


 Balanceability offers children a brilliant opportunity to become competent cyclists at an early age by developing their balance and control. This is the UK’s first and only accredited ‘learn to cycle’ programme for children aged three to five years.

 Body Zorbing

 Wrap yourself in a blow-up ball, roll, crash, battle and flip… or just bounce around a lot and try to contain the laughter, safe inside your own inflatable bubble (or Zorb). Body Zorbing will burn up the energy of even the most energetic children (and adults!).


 It’s hamster time. Climb inside a giant inflatable ball and walk, run, roll and spin on water without getting wet. Waterwalkerz are amazing fun for all ages, although you need to be relatively fit as it’s harder than it looks


 Cheerleading’s increasing popularity in recent decades has made it a feature of high-school themed movies and TV shows. Great exercise, good fun and perfect for energetic kids. Aimed at younger family members but mums and dads are welcome to have a go.

 Hoverball Archery & Crossbow

 Whether you’ve been shooting for years or have never picked up a bow, here’s a light-hearted way to enjoy the activity. Try and hit those airbourne balls! Why not gather your troop and see who has the best aim?

 Laser Tag

 This will get the adrenalin flowing like nothing else. Enter the glowing darkness and let the red beam guide to your target as you enjoy a thrilling futuristic game for adults and kids alike. Fire your laser blaster, laser tag the others and score points for your team.

 Target Paintball

 Pump your gun to prime it… aim… and fire! Your goal is splatter paint across as many of the targets presented to you and score as many points as you possibly can using your own air-powered automatic paintball gun. Have you got the nerve and skill to succeed?

 Pool Kayaks

 Love splashing and crashing around on the water? Then this is for you. Climb aboard an inflatable kayak and paddle to your heart’s content. There’s a wide range of activities throughout the year, monitored by qualified lifeguards at all times

 Raft Building

 Now here’s a team challenge that takes skill, imagination and courage. Use everyday materials to build your own raft – and then see if it will float with all your team on board. A great team building exercise and guaranteed to generate gales of laughter.

 Aqua Jets

 If you love water then here’s your chance to become a mermaid or dolphin for a while. Hold onto your aqua jet and feel yourself pulled gracefully through the water, down to the bottom and back to the top. Enjoy your own underwater adventure